Your Little Guide for Korean Skincare in Winter

While it will soon start getting cold in the whole of the northern hemisphere, everyone is gearing up for huge coats, boots, minus temperatures, heaters, and snow. It’s also the time of the year when your skin has to face the cold, harsh winds of the winter season and when all your light creams and cleaners are of no use. Therefore, it’s time to take the much-needed transition into a new skincare regime to keep your skin hydrated.

Many of you would not have given the thought of changing your routine, but if you ask any K-beauty experts, even a little change will help you get better results.

Dry skin is common during winterWhy Do You Need to Adjust Your Routine Every Winter?

Your skin will undergo different phases if you are living in such a place where the temperature and weather keep changing throughout the year. But before you start checking the catalogs for Korean products for the winter season, it’s important to understand that climate change affects everyone’s skin differently. Take a look at your skin condition and how it reacts to different weather factors. Based on your skin’s preference you would know what changes are needed to take care of your skin.

Symptoms of Dry Skin:

Winters are known for being cold and harsh especially for your skin, and skin becomes drier during the colder months due to lack of moisture in the air. So, here’s how you can recognize different types of dry skin symptoms:

  • Easily sunburned and turns pink even with the use of sunscreen
  • Skin looks flaky and dry patches appear on the cheeks
  • Skin feels tighter after cleansing and before applying moisturizer
  • People above 35+ are highly affected with the dry skin condition
  • Makeup in powder form appears “caked-on” after a fresh application

The Korean Skin Care Regime for Winter

As the season change, so does our skin and a K-beauty routine requires some extra effort to keep your skin looking fresh and pretty during winters. The following tips and steps will help you in getting the perfect skin and look for the chilly winters.

●     Start with Makeup removal

If you apply makeup on your face, it is important to remove it at the end of the day. Using an oil-based cleanser will not only remove waterproof makeup, but it will not dehydrate skin while doing its job. Oil removes sebum buildup inside pores ensuring a thorough cleanse. There are plenty of oil-based cleansers in the k-beauty product lines. Brands like Innisfree, DHC, and Klairs have good options for you to try.

●     Cleanse the Surface

After makeup removal comes cleansing. This step combined with makeup removal is known as two-way cleansing. Removing makeup is a kind of cleanse, and then you clean your face again to remove the dirt below the makeup. You can use cleansing wipes or a cleansing foam to get rid of the dirt on your face.

●     Exfoliate to Refresh

Exfoliation scrubs off dead skin, and lets new skin come to the surface. The new skin is fresh and hasn’t been affected by natural elements around you, making your face look extra nice. One can use scrubs, peels or creams to exfoliate skin. The product must be gentle on your skin as winters are being harsh on it already. An exfoliator with fine granules will also work well. This process will not only scrub off dead skin, but it will also unclog pores.

●     Protective Toning

Cleansing removes the protective barrier on your skin. Use a toner to bring the Ph levels back and moisturize.

●     Using Masks For Nourishment

Sheet masks are great for nourishing skin in K-beauty routine. It doesn’t require any effort and transforms your skin quickly. Most masks come with serums that moisturize your skin as there is no washing involved. They work best when applied on skin post-cleansing. This will bring back the glow on your face.

●     Ampoule for Extra Moist Layer

An ampoule is a leave-in treatment that addresses skin concerns. They are more concentrated than essence or serums. A small, pea-sized drop will cover the whole face and leave no oily residue. You can also use serums on the face post the mask use.

●     More Moisturizing

Moisturize your skin with a good cream that moisturizes well during winter. Light creams are best left out as they are suitable for summer and not winter. Facial butter, regenerative creams, etc. will be best for use during winter.

●     Eye cream to prevent saggingDon’t Forget the Eye Cream

Not everyone needs an eye cream, but women above 30 will need it. The skin around the eyes gets thinner and dry as the years go by. It heals slowly, and the collagen production is reduced. An eye cream will help battle this and moisturize the sensitive skin around eyes.

●     Try Oil for Moisturizing

Certain oils for facial skin not only moisturize but also have properties that help in skin repairs. Oils are a natural source of moisture, and something like coconut oil has vitamin E, fatty acids, capric acid, and antifungal agents. Applying this oil to your face will combat dryness and leave your skin smooth and soft.

●     Mists

Mists along with other products like toners, essence, and creams help in layering the skin against the harsh winters. The layers keep the moisture within the skin and prevent dryness.

●     Sunscreen

Physical aging in the skin is aggravated by exposure to harsh sunlight. A good SPF sunscreen will protect the skin from hyperpigmentation and keep it looking younger. It’s more important to apply sunscreen to avoid harsh UV rays during the winter season due to the proximity of sun to the earth. Since strong winds and snow wear away your sunscreen and end up reducing its effectiveness, make sure you apply your sunscreen after every two to three hours.

●     Call it a Day With Sleeping Masks

K-beauty products have come out with masks that you can sleep in and provide nourishment to your face for a prolonged period. Traditional masks are applied for some time and removed. These are not to be used throughout the night. However, these masks can be applied at night, before going to bed. Through the night, the mask will heal and regenerate skin.

Final Thoughts

Your skin requires some extra TLC during the winter season, and K-beauty routines champion it. The harsh weather affects the skin, and you must ensure that you protect it from cold winds which naturally absorb out the moisture. But at the same time, it doesn’t mean you shut yourself inside the house. Find yourself the suitable products and create a winter skincare routine and follow it religiously to give your skin that fresh wintery look.

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