Valuing Fans, Followers and The Fickle Down to the Penny

How much is a single, glowing Facebook recommendation worth to a marketer? Just how valuable is a strong endorsement from a blogger in determining future sales? And just how engaged is the average TV viewer with a popular show with all these distracting networked gadgets, tablets and laptops in the room? Syncapse answers some of these questions in a new piece of research out.

You may recall Syncapse, a Toronto-based social media measurement specialists, put out a piece of research that seeks to determine the value of a Facebook fan. The answer? $136.68, and not a penny more.

Using the same level of detail, Syncapse in its latest research sought to determine how valuable an active social media community could be for a brand looking to wring a little extra ROI out of a marketing campaign. They conducted a study of 4,300 American consumers, dividing them later by their social networking habits into five types:

  • The producer (13.7%) – the ones who actively create and distribute new content through social networks and blogs.
  • The engager (24.9%) – engage brands and groups in online discussions
  • Participant (28.4%) – maintains and updates his or her status updates
  • Lurker (19.7%) – follows friends and family, but does little sharing
  • Abstainer (13.2%) – inactive on social networks.

Not surprisingly, the producer is the most desirable and is actually worth to a brand $22.93 in earned media as they actively Tweet, Like and share details of new campaigns and products. If they are fans of said products, then the feedback is just about always enthusiastically favorable. And the reverse end of the spectrum? The abstainer yields $0 in earned media.

Moving on to word of mouth now, Syncapse found that a glowing blog review is about as effective as a TV spot (see table below) and second only to a trusted friend’s positive endorsement:

Syncapse Study

And finally, what about TV? Just how distracted are we when we sit down to watch a TV program at the end of the day? A full 43% of respondents said they surf Facebook simultaneously while they watch TV. And, half the respondents admitted to paying just partial attention to the Super Bowl while 47% gave their full attention to weekly top-rated TV shows like Grey’s Anatomy.

The findings, Syncapse points out, show that marketers can no longer rely upon the traditional media marketing blitz while so much of the consumer’s attention is being drawn to social networks and social media.

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