Tips and Tricks on How to Increase Your Fan Base

Unless you are running a superbly niche-oriented website like for Bleach anime dolls or Bleach manga collection, your competition with other businesses online will be very tough. It is now way easier to set up and manage a website than ever before, which makes it easy for a lot of people to try their hand in setting up a business online. There is no question, though, that with this high proliferation of websites comes the issue of quality, with many people publishing their websites without a goal in mind. Therefore, although there are now many online businesses and sites, it is even more difficult to sift through which companies you are going to trust or not.

What’s great with the online industry is it gives startups the chance to shine. Before, businesses had to be ready to spend big bucks to advertise their enterprise. Advertising meant hundreds to thousands of dollars to publish their ads. These days, online ads can go to as low as $1 a day! The price is far off from how it was years before, where only the “big guys” can market themselves well online. Those who didn’t have a budget didn’t stand a chance to even get recognized.

Graph on Why People Like Brands on FacebookWith a lot of competition around, it is now tougher than ever to market your brand online. But if other startups can do it, so can you. And if your business has been around for a while and you have been noticing a decline in audience support, it is time to rethink your marketing strategies. If you have a well-thought-of and strategic marketing plan, you can even get ahead of big companies who have been in the industry longer than you. The key is for you not to be afraid, and for you to know yourself well. You must believe in your brand before you can expect others to believe in you, too.

If your fan base is declining, do not freak out just yet. There are many ways for you to get back on track, but you must also be ready to get out of your comfort zone to allow your brand to grow. You cannot simply expect things to change for you. You need to allow for time to take its course, first and foremost.

Here are a few tips and tricks that you can use to help increase your fan base online:

Cover topics that people like

You may be great with writing, research, and marketing your brand and content. However, if you are covering topics that do not interest people in any way, then you are only wasting your time and energy. People search online for things that they want to learn about, so a great place for you to start is to do your initial research. Check out topics that always come up on popular blogs, and make a spin on these articles so these can get in touch with your brand’s goals. Never copy content online; all you need to do is to do your proper research so you don’t waste your time covering topics that are not popular online, anyway.

Increase fan engagement through rich contentVisit popular blogs and sites that you like. You can get tons of ideas from these sites which can serve as your inspiration when curating content. Just be sure that topics are in line with your brand’s style and goals, because you don’t want to look and sound unfocused. Having an unfocused website is bad for your business because people will tend to forget what your company stands for. Because there’s a lot of things going on in your site, chances are, you will be last on people’s list when they are looking for information on a particular topic.

Be the first to reach out

Because you are marketing your brand online, you must also build a rapport with people who already believe and might want to believe in your company. Your audience is the biggest reason why you continue to thrive, and so if you always wait for people to give you the pat on the back, then they might feel like they are taken for granted. It can be tiring to always be the one who is reaching out, and when people don’t get dividends for their action, then they might want to look for appreciation somewhere else.

Do not forget to say, “Thank you” to your audience, even if that means covering topics that they request for, greeting them on their birthday, or giving them merchandise or discount coupons. These small things can mean a lot to people, especially to those who have always believed in your brand. There is no better way to appreciate people than by stopping and recognizing their efforts.

These tips may sound simple, but they, in fact, can do a lot for your enterprise. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to market your brand and to increase your fan base. Above money, you need to show authenticity so people will continue to trust and support your brand.

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