Why Confidence is Your Key to Online Marketing Success

May 10, 2018 Media & Advertising

Confidence has always been said to be an essential aspect of becoming successful in whatever field or industry you belong to. Often emphasized as a key component to achieving success, most self-help articles highlight the need for confidence for anyone to be able to do work excellently and start delivering results in life. Getting to know yourself better is the beginning of building self-confidence towards success. Achieving results starts with an understanding of what you can do and what youRead More

Why Beacon Media?


Our small size allows us to be flexible in meeting your needs, deadlines and goals. We will design a schedule around your needs, not the other way around.


Don’t let our small size fool you. While we are a small company, we also employ some of the latest in computer and video hardware and software. In our effort to produce the highest quality products for you, we use the latest in technology on the market.


We have a passion for web design and video production and it shows in our work. We also have a passion for creating solutions that exceed your expectations and become a seamless extension of your personal or business identity.


While we are a younger team, don’t let our youth fool you in the area of experience. Casey has 10 years of video production experience. Mike has over 10 years of corporate work experience as well.

Customer Service

It is our passion to make our customers extremely happy about the entire production experience. From understanding your needs, to delivering a final product, our first and only concern is providing an experience you can enjoy. We will do anything we can to make our customer happy, and we challenge you to find a company that does a better job of customer service than we do.