Mistakes You’re Making When Preparing for Your Recital

Music recitals can be nerve-wracking given that you have to perform in front of a large crowd. There are so many things to consider, and you do not only have to think about your piece, but also on your performance. What every student fear is in forgetting the piece and being stuck with nothing in front of the stage. There is nothing more nerve-wracking than that because there is no one else to help you onstage. And you cannot back out because you have already started with your piece.

Preventing nerves by practicing your piano recitalThe experience is even more difficult for  first-timers who have never tried being onstage. Also, if you are an introvert who fears public performance, going on a recital can be one of the most dreaded decisions you will ever make when you think about it. But when you train with Music To Your Home, you will quickly realize that everything that you have worked hard for is paid for by visiting their website. It may even kick-start your career in music, which you may have never thought of in the past.

If you are preparing for your recital, of course, you don’t want to waste your time and energy. You want to make the most of your every practice because every minute is vital leading up to your recital. What are the probable mistakes that you are making that are hindering you from your recital’s success?

Try to avoid these mistakes when preparing for your recital:

1. Practice, practice, practice

There is no denying that the best way for you to perfect your recital is to keep on practicing. Give enough time for your practice every day, even if that means missing out on your Friday night-outs with friends. Make a schedule and follow it every day. If you are working or studying full-time, you can give time for practice before and after your work or class.

But it is not just about logging in the hours. Your quality of practice is even more important than the long hours of low-quality practice that you are doing. Do your drills first, so you get warmed up, then proceed with practicing your recital piece. You can even mix things up, like starting towards the middle of the section, so you get to remember the piece inside and out. When you lack practice, the problem is you don’t get to retain the piece by heart. There are so many parts of the piece that you may forget, so keep on practicing until you know the ins and outs of what you are playing.

So, the first key to finding success in your recital is to keep on practicing.

2. Never miss classes

One crucial thing to remember once you’ve signed up with a music class is never to miss your sessions. Whether you are only a few weeks or months away from your recital day, you should do your best to attend every class. It is because you lose a lot of skills every time you miss a class, so, of course, you want to keep on building on the skillset that you already have.

It is understandable that you may feel lazy with attending classes when work or school responsibilities get tough. But remember that you have signed up for these classes, so, you must also show your commitment in attending them.

Practicing often with your teacher helps your confidence during the recitalYou can also take every class as an opportunity to learn from your classmates or to ask your teachers for clarifications. You cannot do that when you’ve missed the class. So, make an effort to attend your every music session.

It is easy to always be present in your classes. All you need to do is to prioritize. If you make an everyday schedule, and you know your priorities for the day, you will know how to manage your time.

3. Ask for feedback from your teacher

There is no better way to improve your skills further than to ask for feedback from your teacher. Your teacher would know your strengths and weaknesses and will be the best person to point these out. So, if you feel that you are not improving enough, you can ask for feedback. Although your teacher will not give you all negative comments in one go, if you are someone who can take criticism well, then you can ask for them. If you are open to criticism, it means you are open for growth, and you have a big chance of improving your skills. You have a significant chance of being the best student, and excelling in the field that you choose.

Try to avoid these mistakes when preparing for your recital. While it is a nerve-wracking journey, all your effort will be worth it in the end. It may even kick-start your music career and bring you to greater heights. Do what you can to perfect your practice, and keep on striving to reach your goals.

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