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Picking the Best Digital Marketing Strategy

January 16, 2019 Media & Advertising

When it comes to digital marketing there are a lot of different strategies to choose from. This may easily become overwhelming to those who are just starting out. However, this can easily be navigated by following some of these tips and actually implementing them. It is definitely a learning process and you will get better as you progress.

Digital Marketing Channels

Before getting into the tips it is best to get an understanding of what digital marketing really entails.

Identifying channels in digital marketingWhat is digital marketing?

It generally means all marketing efforts that use electronic devices and the internet. This is mainly done through different digital channels. These digital channels are used to facilitate your marketing efforts and reach people who would be interested in your product or service.

These channels include:

  1. Search Engine Optimization

When a customer is looking for information on a certain brand or product on the internet they will always turn to search engines. SEO mainly helps your site rank higher for relevant keywords. This is mainly done through keyword research, on page optimization, link building and more.

  1. Social Media Marketing (SMM)

This involves leveraging social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter to get your brand and product known by the people. You can create mass awareness through social media and really promote your brand. However, you have to be specific about your target audience to get the best return on investment from your SMM.

  1. Pay Per Click (PPC)

This refers to buying or bidding on keywords to ensure they appear at the top of search results. It mainly includes ad placements. To get the most out of it, you need to choose your keywords to fit your audience and optimize all the visual and contextual information in your ads

  1. Email Marketing

This is mainly used for lead generation. You may visit a website and find an opt-in that requests for your name and email address. This is how they are able to get potential clients and send them information update on their products or any deals they have. This method has a great ROI and is easy to manage with in-house expertise.

  1. Content Marketing

They say that content is king. Well, this is very true. Producing quality content that is relevant to your audience attracts great exposure and may score you many potential customers. This content could be used to educate people on your products and what they can do with them. It is a good way to connect and engage with your clients.

By producing informative content you are assured of your post getting shared to many people and growing your brand.

Tips for choosing the best digital marketing strategy

There are so many digital marketing channels and strategies which means you are spoiled for choice. However, not every channel or strategy will be a good fit for your business. There will always be that choice that will maximize your ROI and give you desired results.

Getting to know which strategy to implement may include some trial and error but having some of the basics down will help you minimize this.

Here are some of the things to consider

  1. Have a definite goal

As you get into digital marketing, whether as a company or as a personal brand you need to have defined what your goal is. Having your goals in mind will put you in a better position of determining which channels would help you achieve this.

  • Brand awareness

Your goal may be of brand awareness which would mean you would have to make use of some social media marketing. This is the fastest and most effective way of getting people to learn and talk about your brand.Brand awareness boomers vs millennials

  • Lead generation

Getting customers and leads is another goal that can be achieved through the right digital marketing channels. For lead generation, relying on blogging, email marketing, SEO and Pay Per Click Advertising will definitely get you your desired results.

This will get you in front of your customers and from there you can engage with them and promote your products and services. However, you have to be smart about it and make sure you are solving a problem for your clients not just forcing products to them.

  • Traffic generation

An upcoming company may develop a very useful product but it may not appeal to many people. This is because people would like to know more about the product before purchasing.

Content marketing and blogging provide the necessary information to educate and inform their potential customers.

With this, you would also need to generate traffic to your blog which may require you to delve into SEO. This also applies to bloggers who offer free information on their sites but still depend on ads for their revenue.

  1. Budget allocation and in-house capabilities

Having money set aside for your digital marketing campaign is very important. This will give you a chance to look at what you are capable of and choose the right strategy. It is good to implement at least two marketing channels and gauge which one works best for you. Remember you will learn as you go so be patient and give it time.

When it comes to the capabilities you may already have staff who can work on these marketing strategies. Having a copywriter to take care of emails and content for the company and many more is an advantage.

However, you may also not be the best at this and neither do you have staff who can help you. In such a situation, a New York City marketing agency will take care of all your digital marketing needs. They will analyze what your company needs and implement the best strategy for you. This will ease your burden and assure you of the best results.

Digital marketing is a practice that you have to incorporate in your business. It is the easiest and most efficient way of getting your products and services known by potential clients. Just be sure to choose a marketing strategy that fits your needs for the best results.

How Can Gluten-Free Diet Helps Improve Your Brain Health?

November 28, 2018 Health Awareness

A healthy brain is a key to the overall functioning of the human body. And everyone wants to healthy overall be it memory, clarity, ability to focus, learn and function well. People want to prevent the risk of memory loss, depression, dementia, and any other physical disorders.

If you look at the big picture, the quality of your life depends highly on your brain health. While most of the people observe declining brain functioning at the age of 60, various medical research shows that the actual decline begins as early as in the late 20s and more in 40s. People dealing with the neurological condition like Alzheimer can live yet lose everything in their lives.

The brain is the most valuable part of one’s life, even more, important than your heart. There are many reasons for the cognitive decline of the brain’s health from toxic food to lack of physical exercise. However, in this post, the focus will be on one possible cause: GLUTEN.

How Does Gluten Affect Your Brain?

All these brain problems have on thing in common, and that is inflammation. The food you eat plays a major role in the inflammation levels, and even though many different foods are causing the inflammation, the biggest of all the culprit is gluten. Gluten increases the protein zonulin level in your gut leading to the severe condition of the leaky gut syndrome. The leaking gut allows bacterial endotoxins and proteins from undigested food in the bloodstream and active the inflammatory immune reaction in the body.

Gluten might be hazardous to your brain healthPeople suffering from the celiac condition, headaches, and neurologic complications have been known to have brain abnormalities due to gluten sensitivity. While there is a need for more research on the subject, the top researches have explored the connection between mental illness and intestinal issues caused by gluten to make everyone concerned about their health.

So, What’s The Solution?

This might be overwhelming for everyone, but all the hope is not lost as there is good news on the horizon. You can help better your mental health with some easy changes that you need to start with immediately. You need to get back to the real food and if you wonder what is that? The food that is organic and gluten-free. In case you are not sure how to start, here are a few tips to find the right path.

1. Research your food options

Starting again can be tough but researching the right option for a gluten-free life is also important. Look up for the gluten-free options for your favorite food. Craving for desserts or a burger? Search for the brands that offer gluten-free meals and add them to your regulars. Following this strategy will easily provide you with a wide range of alternatives.

2. Outsource the meals.

If you are not familiar with how to go gluten-free to start with, consider giving someone else to help you with planning your meals. Meal delivery services are offering a Keto diet, gluten-free diet, and customized meals as per your preference. Check out these Top 6 Gluten-Free Meal Delivery Services offering 100 % gluten-free alternatives that are chef-prepared, fresh and delivered at your doorstep. This is the best way to make an easy transition.

3. Make Your Ingredient List

After getting comfortable with initial transition and research, make a list of what food items contain gluten and what’s gluten-free. Always look for labels for ingredient even when you know the brand is offering a gluten-free product. There is no guarantee what might sneak in. The reading label part may take some time, but in the end, your patience and consistency will always be worth.

4.  Anti-inflammatory food

Whenever you go grocery shopping, grab things like ginger, vegetables, fruits, and turmeric. These food items will help you decrease the necessary inflammation and further improve the brain’s health. Stay hydrated and avoid junk food because fatty substances can lead to more inflammation among people with gluten sensitivity.

Some supplements may still contain gluten5. Be Mindful while Selecting Supplements

Different supplements help in promoting mental health, but at the same time, they also act as the diversion from going completely gluten-free. Lots of supplements promise a lot, but they lack long-term results. Find the supplements with scientifically prove results such as MCT oil and ginseng for Vitamin D as an immune modulator and anti-inflammatory.

6. Focus on Brain-Gut Relation

The relationship between your gut and brain is indisputably essential, where probiotics play a key role in the brain’s health. Try to include more probiotics in your daily diet through kimchi, fermented vegetables, and kombucha. Also, including amino acids in your diet will help you cater to your symptoms of depression and neurological issues.

7. Don’t Forget to Enjoy your Food

It’s easy to keep researching and getting lost in all the information. Don’t lose the enjoyment of food and simply add good organic food, high-quality supplements and stay natural. You don’t need to research a lot –  stick to the basics to help improve your health without stressing a lot.

Final Thoughts

When you discuss with the elderly about healthy eating, you will be told ten things about how your grandparents stayed healthy. But getting back to the old generation habit isn’t going to be the solution. You have to go with the resource that is available to you now as a lot has changed in the last decade itself. Replicate your gluten-free habits, and you will feel the difference in your health, joy and overall lifestyle.

Your mental health is directly related to your gut health, and more you take care of what goes in your stomach, more you will stay healthy and stress-free. In addition to managing your diet, don’t forget to stay active and add some amount of physical exercise to your daily schedule. The body movement will help with the blood circulation to the brain to keep it functioning well.

Valuing Fans, Followers and The Fickle Down to the Penny

September 24, 2018 Media & Advertising

How much is a single, glowing Facebook recommendation worth to a marketer? Just how valuable is a strong endorsement from a blogger in determining future sales? And just how engaged is the average TV viewer with a popular show with all these distracting networked gadgets, tablets and laptops in the room? Syncapse answers some of these questions in a new piece of research out.

You may recall Syncapse, a Toronto-based social media measurement specialists, put out a piece of research that seeks to determine the value of a Facebook fan. The answer? $136.68, and not a penny more.

Using the same level of detail, Syncapse in its latest research sought to determine how valuable an active social media community could be for a brand looking to wring a little extra ROI out of a marketing campaign. They conducted a study of 4,300 American consumers, dividing them later by their social networking habits into five types:

  • The producer (13.7%) – the ones who actively create and distribute new content through social networks and blogs.
  • The engager (24.9%) – engage brands and groups in online discussions
  • Participant (28.4%) – maintains and updates his or her status updates
  • Lurker (19.7%) – follows friends and family, but does little sharing
  • Abstainer (13.2%) – inactive on social networks.

Not surprisingly, the producer is the most desirable and is actually worth to a brand $22.93 in earned media as they actively Tweet, Like and share details of new campaigns and products. If they are fans of said products, then the feedback is just about always enthusiastically favorable. And the reverse end of the spectrum? The abstainer yields $0 in earned media.

Moving on to word of mouth now, Syncapse found that a glowing blog review is about as effective as a TV spot (see table below) and second only to a trusted friend’s positive endorsement:

Syncapse Study

And finally, what about TV? Just how distracted are we when we sit down to watch a TV program at the end of the day? A full 43% of respondents said they surf Facebook simultaneously while they watch TV. And, half the respondents admitted to paying just partial attention to the Super Bowl while 47% gave their full attention to weekly top-rated TV shows like Grey’s Anatomy.

The findings, Syncapse points out, show that marketers can no longer rely upon the traditional media marketing blitz while so much of the consumer’s attention is being drawn to social networks and social media.

5 Ways that Marketing Failure Might be an Option

August 21, 2018 Media & Advertising

There’s certainly been a lot of talk over the last three months about the economy, and its effect on marketing teams – and ultimately our sales efforts. If you’re anything like me, your email box is full of notes from people telling you how to make the most out of this economy. I ought to know – I’ve even offered a few myself.

But I’ve been doing some research for a project – and in combination with a few other things – it struck me that there are a few things we can do now to ensure that we fail really. Yeah, there I said it. I think it’s time we just gave up – and kept our head down till this whole economy, recession thing blows over. I think we should wait with our hand out until we get our bailout. Sounds like a plan?

Making your company shine in social media is a way to connect with customersI mean this whole internet thing is just a fad right? Like CB Radio, and Laser Discs before it. This is the time when we make sure that we close up our doors and wait till it gets better. If we sit back and watch – we will really guarantee that the recession and the economy will blow over. So, because it’s the new quarter – and maybe we can take a quick collective breath – here are a few “modest proposals” for you to ponder:

#1 Stop Updating Your Web Site & Landing Pages

I mean really – our website performed well when we launched it. The content is great. We finally got to number 162 on Google for our keywords – let’s not mess that up. I mean The Aberdeen Group released a study where they interviewed 300 businesses – and they split them into three groups. The first group was what they called “Best-In-Class.” These companies were averaging 146% average return on their marketing investment. The other two were, as you might expect, lower. These “best-in-class” companies updated their website once a day or more. Once a day or more? Man, that sounds like a lot of work.

Further, marketing experts relate tweaking landing pages to a 40% increase in conversions. Even more work. And, I just read that Marketing Sherpa report – and whew was it long… I mean if you’re looking for A LOT of information you can purchase it here.

#2 Don’t Dive Deep into Social Media – It’s a Fad

Some experts like the IAB are saying in their Outlook Report that Social media now exceeds television in its reach – and it’s only growing. But let’s face it – who’s got time to really worry about whether our brand is being discussed across Twitter and Facebook. And, really, even though it’s free (other than our sweat equity) do we really want to go to the effort of creating a Facebook presence or encourage our teams to start connecting with a community. I can’t even get my college friends to stop tagging me with toga party pictures. I mean – really. I just re-read Seth Godin’s Tribes book and just can’t be bothered even to try.

#3 Stop Experimenting – Now’s the Time to Play it Safe

In today’s market, it’s best to make sure you’re putting your head down and letting everybody fail around you. You’ll be so much better off – really. Stop trying small marketing experiments that may teach you something about your audience. And, make sure you don’t take the time and effort to implement good measuring techniques – because you really need to wait until the market turns around before you invest in a good way to measure your marketing success. After all, there’s no ROI in investing in a measurement capability now, right?

#4 Make Sure that You Don’t Call Your Customers Right Now

No matter what you do – don’t try to engage your customers with new products and services right now. I mean never-mind that the CMO Council found that a third of its respondents said that “customer insight and retention” were among its top executive mandates. That’s only a third. That’s less than two thirds, right? All these customers are feeling just as bad as you. So, it’s best to make sure that you just let that sleeping dog lie and make sure you’re not engaging. Even if you’re development teams are launching new products or services – it’s best to wait until the economy turns before you start trying to encourage and upsell your existing customers.

#5 Let your Website Be a Brochure – People will Find You.

Whatever you do, don’t put effort into transforming your website into an online marketing engine – and develop the capability for closed-loop marketing. I mean, come on… Closed Loop? That sounds so – closed and Web 1.0-ish. Never mind that Aberdeen in their Customer-Centric Marketing study found that companies that adopt a closed loop process are more than three times likely to generate a greater than 50% return on marketing investment. Now is the time to make sure you are just maintaining the status quo. Don’t spend on anything – especially on improving your website.

In short, we should just recognize that anything we do now will just have to be re-done once the economy gets better. So, really, why should we put the effort in now – especially when budgets are so tight and then the executives are looking at marketing with such a critical eye. I mean didn’t somebody say that “flat is the new growth.”

Anyway, I was going to make this a top ten list – but I quite frankly couldn’t muster the effort.

The Simplest Strategy that Your Brand is Overlooking

July 14, 2018 Media & Advertising

Want to run with the big dogs? Take a lesson from their playbooks and learn how to create and maintain brand consistency online.

One can learn a lot about managing a brand online just by paying attention to what the big boys are doing. Working to maintain brand consistency can be difficult if you are not clear about what your brand stands for.

JetBlue capitalized on the promise of cheaper flightsJetBlue

JetBlue, for instance, makes its consumer brand promise about making flying cheap, easy and fun clear from the outset. Not only is this promise experienced on the plane, but you see it reinforced again and again on the company’s website. Leaders like JetBlue understand that establishing consistent brand experiences across the marketing mix naturally creates trust between the audience and the brand, leading to repeat business and customer loyalty.

The web, of course, plays a major role in how consumers interact with brands. In fact, it may be the most important way a brand communicates. The web offers a wide range of ways to interact with a brand. Consumers may visit sites with an immediate goal — getting in and getting out. But often, when done correctly, a website can lend itself to a visit where the user stays longer and goes deep, getting drawn into the site for information and connecting with the brand in a substantive way.

JetBlue, as mentioned, combines function and design to create a simple, seamless experience to illustrate its brand. In the creation of its website experience, JetBlue shows that it really understands its audience and knows what customers need to make a purchase. That goes a long way in informing potential flyers about what they can expect in their jetting experiences.

The company takes the “book a flight” concept and makes it easy to use. What a concept! The key is that JetBlue has simplified the process all the way down to the field boxes used to book a flight. Instead of offering a fill-in form for departure city, JetBlue gives a drop-down menu of all its locations, with pre-sorts for possible arrival city locations. As a result, the simplified form makes selecting information easier and the overall experience better. The following “available fares” page also makes it simple to browse nearby days and choose between direct and one-connection fares. When seats on a plane have low availability, JetBlue lets you know and tells you how many are left. The company’s site also highlights all of the lowest fares, typically spread throughout the day, so that you know you are getting the best deal when making your choice.

Apple maintains superior product quality for customersApple

As an icon for design and business, Apple carries a sense of completion and refinement through everything it does, from product to marketing to retail to service. Apple’s promise is to make the best computers in the world. Its success starts with a great product, and Apple shows that it knows it by displaying the product and letting it speak for itself.

If we examine Apple’s website, we can see that the site is not just a place for product information and pictures; it is the key resource for anyone looking to by a Mac, iPod or iPhone. Apple accomplishes this through a clear and simple message for each of its products, and those messages are backed up by a wealth of information. The site allows the customer to go deep and immerse him or herself in the details, if they so choose. Product descriptions start with glory product shots, lists of features, links directly to images and icons and interactive features. The visitor can then go deeper to demo the product, check out the interface, view movies and technical specs, explore hot news about the products and check out examples of how the products work at Mac@work. Here visitors can see testimonials, techniques and more on what they will be getting.

This balance of rational and emotional content — in seeing its applications and work in progress — urges consumers to fall in love with the Apple products and feel comfortable about making a serious investment. Great copy drives every page, helping users to navigate and evaluate. When getting into technical info, bullet points are used to make the complex simple and enable the user to move quickly through the data to find what they are looking for.

It’s also important to note that Apple clearly delineates between its product marketing and its online store. Not only does this make it much easier for users to buy online, but the separation fosters a state of trust when the consumer is ready to buy. The information in the store also becomes less about the product and more about the process of buying and the options that are available for each specific product. As does JetBlue, Apple makes it easy for users to accomplish their goals.

Google office in PittsburghGoogle

Google may very well be the king of the internet when it comes to information, and its dominance begins and ends with the search. Essentially, Google’s mission is to provide information of higher quality, faster than anyone else on the web. Google gives prominence and priority to the ability to search on its homepage, but the company doesn’t stop there. The ability to search is so important that Google leaves pretty much everything else of its homepage. There’s plenty of white space — nothing else to compete for the user’s attention.

Its complete and unwavering focus on search has led Google to a crushing lead in the online search game. The company’s homepage has stayed essentially the same since its earliest days. Google has resisted the urge to redesign or add distracting new features and instead has tweaked and realigned so that users know what to expect every time. As Google has expanded to other web apps, such as Gmail, it has continued to utilize and emphasize search as the key to finding your email. Forget folders; just type in the keyword! The company has taken what it does really well and implemented the knowledge wherever it goes. Now loyal users expect fast, useful, no-nonsense information whenever they use Google.

What can we learn from these three brand giants? Make sure to put what your customers are looking for first. Don’t make it difficult once they get into the process. This often means simplifying your product, simplifying your message and simplifying the buying procedure. Don’t be afraid to connect emotionally with your audience, but make sure to back up that connection with information, while still making it easy to use. Great copywriting is the key to a good user experience. Finally, remember what you do really well; stick to it, focus on it and implement the heck out of it. In the end, your customers will appreciate an online brand they can really trust.

Why Business and Networking Succeed Together

June 12, 2018 Business

It is commonly said that the rich are getting richer while the poor are getting poorer. It’s true.

Most wealthy people are building and maintaining their estates through ethical measures while a minority are doing so through the exploitation of others. Where there is a minority of rich people seeking the disenfranchised, the bulk of people living in poverty in free countries may be doing so through a course that they sought, partially by way of their association with friends and family.

Good Genes + Experience = Success

Networking creates success in the long runMalcolm Gladwell’s 2008 book, Outliers, notes that the majority of professional Canadian hockey players were born from January through March. The reason is that as children these players were just a slight bit larger and stronger due to a few months of growth. As a result, they received more playing time. Over time, the experience became paramount in building their skills, speed, and strength on the ice, eventually allowing them to eclipse their younger teammates by way of experience as well as raw ability and size.

Another interesting publication, Super Freakonomics, released in 2009 by Steven Levitt and Stephen Dubner, states that the same goes for professional baseball players born after July 31. But something far greater than the birth month in one’s future as a pro athlete is whether one’s parent(s) were pro athletes or not. According to Levitt and Dubner’s findings, having a father who played professional baseball makes it “800 times more likely” for a son to play in the MLB than any other boy.

Similar statements could be made for doctors, accountants, lawyers, and business people. Vice President Joseph Biden’s son, Joseph Biden III, may have become the Attorney General of the state of Delaware on his own merits, but having a father who was a US Senator from that state certainly did not hurt, just as the same could be said of Alaskan Senator, Lisa Murkowski (D) whose father, Frank, had held the position previously.

Having someone who’s walked the walk while also passing on the natural abilities genetically along with a network of friends and colleagues increases the odds of one achieving something more than average.

But what about those whose parents did not achieve a high level of success, prestige, or wealth, or those who don’t have parents at all?

Networking is an Important Key to Success

Trust is a critical factor in commerce. Like hiring TempCFO as your CFO outsourcer to handle your accounting tasks, you must bestow trust in external forces that specialize in necessary skills to relieve you of handling these things yourself.

There are several important keys to achievement. Among them are setting goals and deliberately working toward them.

If a person wants to become a champion of the martial arts, she would have to train hard as well as study through videos and books. Also, she should associate with former and current champions.

Sharing ideals for customer satisfactionThe same goes for building wealth. People with no wealth have ideas and engage in activities that are contrary to building it. In Donald Trump’s 1989 book, The Art of the Deal, he specifically states in a chapter going over the minutes of his week that “going out to lunch is a waste of time.” How many less successful people would think the opposite, not just for themselves, but especially if they were running a huge corporation?

Being around wealthy people will rub off. They will display how and what they think, talk about, and are investing in, as well as their ideas about debt and work ethic.

Finding Successful People

While it’s true that a smaller amount of people are wealthy that are broke, it is also true that many successful people are willing to mentor a young person who is serious about learning to be successful.

A good boss at work looking to achieve more will want to find someone to take his position before he leaves. A retired person who is enjoying the fruits of his labor would often enjoy passing on the wisdom he’d acquired from his past work.

Another great place to find people is through school and professional associations. Adults going through college are often very focused on improving their future to include their income. People in social or professional associations, such as a Lions Club or the Knights of Columbus, want to meet new people for business and pleasure, often enjoying the combining of the two by giving each other company while getting better acquainted.

Dave Ramsey has said on his radio show, The Dave Ramsey Show, on several occasions that it’s been proven that over time, people will earn an income within 10% of their five closest friends.

Should one pick friends solely on their income? Of course not. Should a person try to achieve greater things with friends who are interested? Definitely. That’s how people get wealthy through association.

Why Confidence is Your Key to Online Marketing Success

May 10, 2018 Media & Advertising

Confidence has always been said to be an essential aspect of becoming successful in whatever field or industry you belong to. Often emphasized as a key component to achieving success, most self-help articles highlight the need for confidence for anyone to be able to do work excellently and start delivering results in life.

Getting to know yourself better is the beginning of building self-confidence towards success. Achieving results starts with an understanding of what you can do and what you currently cannot do. It allows you to become even more confident in taking bigger responsibilities and challenges head-on.

A team consensus on business goalsHowever, confidence offers much more than just getting to know yourself better. It is an attitude that opens a whole lot of possibilities and opportunities for success through a change in mindset towards goal-oriented actions. Without self-confidence, not only are you unable to show your full capacity and potential but also you become unmotivated to succeed in life in favor of the comfort of your current situation.

Here are four reasons why you need the confidence to become a successful individual and how confidence helps you achieve your full potential as an individual.

1. Self-confidence shapes your positive attitude towards work and success

Risks are necessary in order to succeed, and self-confidence helps you achieve success by getting you out of your comfort zone in order to experience a whole new world outside what you’re used to seeing. The positive attitude that self-confidence brings allows you to move forward and discover your true capacity. Aside from knowing yourself, you learn what you’re able to do and how you can improve to become better at what you love to do.

Confidence translates the positive attitude towards a mindset that produces consistent and impactful results whether it is in your career, school, or sport. A positive attitude helps build a professional work ethic which others will look up to and respect. Success comes from this professional work ethic as it serves as your motivation to become even better and achieve more significant results. Your audience will, for sure, see your confidence with every marketing strategy that you use.

Consistency is important in achieving results, and a positive work attitude, as well as a professional work ethic, is a part of the puzzle that will lead you to success. Learning how to improve your self-confidence is the beginning of the journey, and soon enough you will need to develop the positive attitude and mindset to get closer to the success you dream of.

2. Self-confidence builds discipline, accountability, and responsibility

Aside from helping you achieve the results you want, self-confidence also makes you a better person by instilling the values of discipline, accountability, and responsibility into your personality. People with confidence are always in the limelight, and those with a positive attitude towards work learn the importance of being responsible for one’s actions to achieve success.

Integrity is part and parcel of self-confidence, like getting a firm for enterprise SEO. The desire to achieve success is and should always be accompanied by the willingness of an individual to perform his/her responsibilities and meet the goals and expectations set in front of him/her. Being confident about yourself attracts attention towards you which may eventually lead to additional responsibilities later on. It is a challenge that tests your discipline and motivation to succeed, and throughout this challenge, you must understand that you are accountable for the actions and decisions you decide to take. You’re one step closer to success if you have the confidence to be held accountable for what course of action you decide to do to achieve success.

3. Self-confidence allows you to collaborate and cooperate seamlessly with other people

Sometimes your skills will not be enough to achieve the results you need. Learning to accept this fact is an essential aspect of self-confidence as a part of understanding one’s capacities and skills.

Confidence that you make every success possibleHowever, learning self-confidence brings more to the table as it can influence your capacity to improve your communication and collaboration skills. Communication skills aren’t just about public speaking. Teamwork and collaboration also make up the communication skills you need to have, and having self-confidence goes a long way in improving these skills.

Learning how to collaborate with others to implement grand projects and arrive at innovative solutions is necessary for achieving success. Without self-confidence, conversations and collaborations towards more significant projects would not start. Having the initiative to approach others and ask for help is yet another part of the process of becoming even more successful.

4. Self-confidence motivates you to stand up and learn from your mistakes

Above all things, self-confidence helps you push forward and learn from your mistakes. Nothing comes easy in life, and in the path towards achieving success, you will, at some point, encounter failures along the way. It is where self-confidence becomes your key to success as it motivates you to stand up each time you fall.

Achieving success requires you to exert your full determination and persevere despite the challenges ahead of you. Knowing when to give up is important, but learning how to give it your all each time you face a challenge is much more important. Whatever the result of your online marketing efforts may be, what is essential is that you have the confidence to try again.

The Influence of Media & Advertising

April 14, 2018 Media & Advertising

At present, we exist in the information age, and we are a part of it. A day in the life of any person is not without the array of messages being bombarded from every direction. Be it television, radio, billboards, the point of sale displays, retail outlets, carts, every encounter we have with any of these, brands are displaying there merits through various advertising media. This plethora of messages have come about in an attempt by brands to become a part of the lives of consumers, to live with them, to become a part of society. Thus, the impact of media and advertising has been on every aspect of life and has influenced all those exposed to them, which includes practically everyone.

Media influence is more emphasized in childrenChildren grow up watching television, playing video games, and seeing billboards on the roads. The advertising material that one sees on TV, the characters in movies or other shows tend to influence the behavior of children. For example, watching Dexter’s Laboratory on Cartoon Network encourages children to learn more about science. Moreover, violent video games may have an impact on children in the negative direction raising their aggression levels. Thus, media is like a two-sided coin. It can leave the most positive impression on its viewers, or influence them in a negative way.

Different societies are also influenced by media exposure. Western influence through English channels is spread across different countries in the east where people learn from the western cultures and adapt. A person from India may prefer wearing western clothes instead of sari, speak English instead of Hindi, and eat burgers instead of south Indian food. This is how widespread the impact of media is today. Some people may view it in a positive light, i.e., you may get influenced to learn a new language, but others may view it as losing out on your cultural traditions.

Ads on cigarette and alcohol may be harmful to teenagers who adopt these habits due to exposure to advertising content. A positive aspect that toddlers may learn may be from programs like Barney and Sesame Street where they teach co-operation, kindness, togetherness and even alphabets and numbers. A very important media today is internet which on the one hand presents people with the immense amount of information.

On the other hand, it can expose people to sexual or violent content and present a bad influence. Also, children or adults may become so indulged on the internet that they may tend to ignore other aspects of their social life. To conclude, I’d say that advertising and media do have a profound impact on everyday life of people presenting both its negative and positive aspects. It is up to those being exposed to the messages to learn the positive aspects and filter the negative ones while recognizing the harmful effects such messages could have.

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